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Suanti Corporation was founded in 1989. It has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small company of 8 people who design, craft, and sell figurines. In their early years, the company set long-term goals and established good relationships with several clients and partners. With its strong devotion to achieve success, it showed a promising future as it grew to become one of the major distributors of figurines in the Philippines that has won several awards and certificates. 


In 2013, Suanti Corporation eventually shifted its focus and took interest in the construction industry– more specifically, engaging in the business of fabricating, trading, and installing doors, glass, window frames, and the like. It then expanded its scope and extended its services to include Architectural facade consultations and installations as well as Interior Glass and Aluminum fit-outs. Apart from the company’s experience in creating intricate figurines which highlight its craftsmanship and attention to detail; over the years, it gained its expertise through providing products and services for commercial, residential and other related structures. Moreover, it has delivered favorable results with its commitment to demonstrate the company’s immeasurable power to cultivate excellence, their shared values and collective effort in producing ground-breaking, innovative and positive change.

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Suanti Corporation envisions to set a new standard of excellence that raises the bar as one of the most relevant companies in the Philippine construction industry.


Suanti Corporation aims to improve people’s lives by providing high quality services and innovative solutions which allow them to become a recognized and trusted key player in the construction industry. It aims to be a corporation that provides promising opportunities through its core values of integrity, optimism and professionalism. With its strong commitment to fulfilling these, the company guarantees to provide services and products of utmost excellence.




Suanti corporation practices steadfast adherence to professional standards in order to maintain the superior quality of their products and services offered.

The constant choice to reflect uncompromising honesty and respect through responsible actions in order to build a trusting relationship with its clients and stakeholders alike.

Looking forward to the future with immense positivity is the company’s strong suit. Its mindset of welcoming ingenious innovations along with facing its endeavors with enthusiasm, positivity and open-mindedness paves their path to success.


Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors and clients is our top priority. With this in mind, we provide equipment and implement systems that are in high consideration of everyone's well-being.




We value human resources as a vital component in any operation. In order to ensure the efficiency of our operations, we choose the right equipment and systems to further expand their knowledge and experience in the field. By doing this, we are able to provide our clients with the best quality of products and services they deserve.


Guided by our vision, mission and core values, we implement strategic systems to ensure the efficient flow of operations within the company. Through this, we are able to establish a clear direction to take; which in turn, prevents us from losing sight of our goals and aspirations.


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