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SUANTI combines intuitive design sense and practical engineering to produce facade systems that offer solutions to help conceive some of the most daring designs architects aim to achieve. We offer various combinations of glass and aluminum systems and contracting services to help our clients create the most ideal exterior facade.

Unitized Curtain Wall

An external building façade, usually aluminum-framed wall, containing glass in-fills, aluminum spandrels and either thin composite panels or concrete spandrel panels. With it forming the core component of the structure’s external envelope the key performance criteria of the system include elevated aesthetics, thermal efficiency, sound transmission and fire safety. 

Stick Curtain Wall

Components are processed and manufactured at the factory whilst the assembly and installation of the pieces are done on the primary structure itself. Its installation method promises flexibility through the possibility of onsite arrangements and changes without sacrificing the value of artistry.

Aluminum Louvers

Constructed using sturdy, high-quality aluminum, SUANTI’s Aluminum Louvers are built to indirectly reduce energy consumption through the reliance of traditional lighting and cooling methods, allowing proper circulation and ventilation within the structure. It is engineered for effortless installation on virtually any wall conditions, while providing a finished look to the facade.

Semi-Unitized Curtain Wall

A combination of stick and unitized curtain wall features. The system’s quality is easy to be controlled; boasting a fast installation, simple operation, short construction period and high efficiency of construction due to its basic structural principle.

ACP Cladding

A great cladding and design solution  for both interior and exterior surfaces comprised of several layers manufactured using LDPE and aluminum united to form a multilayer sheet. It boasts various properties such as durability, weather,  stain-resistance and a fire retardant option. 

Glass Canopy

An eminently practical and elegant architectural feature which is incredibly flexible and durable. SUANTI offers a wide array of shapes, sizes and styles which are engineered design solutions catered to your needs.

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